Moriel Rothman-Zecher is an Israeli-American novelist and poet. He is the recipient of the National Book Foundation’s ‘5 Under 35’ Award and a 2017 MacDowell Colony Fellowship for Literature. His writing has been published in The New York TimesHaaretz, The Paris Review DailyThe Common Magazine, Electric Literature, and elsewhere. Moriel is the author of the novel, Sadness Is a White Bird (Atria Books, 2018), and the associate editor of the anthology, Kingdom of Olives and Ash: Writers Confront the Occupation (Harper Perennial, 2017). He lives in Yellow Springs, Ohio with his wife, Kayla, their daughter, Nahar, and their dog, Silly Department.

Moriel is currently working on his second novel, and training for his fifth ultramarathon. Hi poetry is forthcoming in ZYZZYVA. Follow him on Twitter @Moriel_RZ.


Photo © Joanna Eldredge Morrissey