All That’s Left

A collective which is ”unequivocally opposed to the occupation and committed to building the diaspora angle of resistance” (Info & Action).

Free Jerusalem

An independent group of Jerusalem-based Israeli grassroots activists working against the occupation and in solidarity with Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem (Info & Action).

The Center for Jewish Nonviolence

An organization focused on developing a new culture and practice of Jewish nonviolence in the US, Europe, Israel & Occupied Palestinian Territories (Info & Action).

Additional Campaigns

Susiya: The campaign to #SaveSusiya (in 2012 and 2015); Susiya is a small Palestinian village in the South Hebron Hills, over which the threat of demolition hangs for no reason other than that Susiya is a Palestinian village.

East Jerusalem: Campaigns against evictions in the East Jerusalem neighborhoods of Silwan and Sheikh Jarrah; these evictions are based on discriminatory Israeli laws which allow Jews to reclaim pre-1948 properties in East Jerusalem, while Palestinians with pre-1948 documents often can’t even visit their old homes, let alone evict the current residents.

Draft Refusal: Campaigns against militarism and the IDF’s role in maintaining the occupation of the Palestinian territories. In 2012, Moriel spent a short amount of time in Israeli Military Jail #6 for refusing to enlist in the Israeli military.