Selected Press

The Jerusalem Post / Writers Bring Their Essays to Hebron-Area Town of Susiya (Hannah Brown, July 25th, 2017). Read.

Publishers Weekly / Book Deals, Week of February 6th, 2017. Read.

The New York Times / “We are Orphans Heres”: Life and Death in East Jerusalem’s Palestinian Refugee Camp (Rachel Kushner, December 1st, 2016). Read.

The Nation / What a week of extremist violence reveals about Israel (Jen Marlowe, August 8th, 2015). Read.

Tikkun Magazine / The Missing Connection: Language Learning as a Tool for Peace in Israel-Palestine (Roni Finkelstein, August 18th, 2014). Read.

The New York Times / More Jewish Students Take Up the Study of the Arab World (Richard Pérez-Peña, October 27th, 2013). Read.

The Independent / The Israel Defense Forces is supposed to be the tie that binds Israel but is there trouble in the ranks? (Memphis Barker, August 10th, 2013). Read.

Vice Magazine / I refused to join the IDF (Alon Aviram, April 24th, 2013). Read.

Haaretz / Israeli Conscientious Objector Begins 10-Day Sentence for Refusing to Serve in the IDF (Mordechai Twersky, October 25th, 2012). Read.

Tablet Magazine / The brother of Mori Rothman responds to Tablet (Jesse Rothman, November 9th, 2012). Read.

Haaretz / A Jewish Heart versus a Jewish State: Choose the Former or We Loose Both (Bradley Burston, June 21st, 2012). Read.