Remembering Leibel Fein z”l

I have been struggling to find words to address the sadness I’ve felt in the days since learning that Leibel Fein passed away. I have deleted and rewritten and deleted and rewritten. I… Continue reading

15,000 Protest for Peace in Tel Aviv: Results surprising, I think good

15,000 people protesting against the occupation and for peace in Tel Aviv. That is a lot of people. Not compared to other eras in Israeli history: some estimate that 400,000 gathered in Tel Aviv to… Continue reading

4 Suggestions for an American Jew navigating Israel-Palestine discourse during the Gaza crisis and in general (Part 1 of 2)

”I come from an orthodox background, and the fact that I am no longer religious makes my opinions even more easily dismissable. Right now I’m just at ‘I refuse to take sides’ and… Continue reading

“I believe very strongly that discourse shapes reality.” [Excerpt from an interview I gave to Al Jazeera]

[Excerpt of an interview given to Mya Guarnieri, writing for Al Jazeera English, called "Israel cracks down on anti-war protesters. Full article here].  Israeli police provide a security presence when Jewish-Israeli leftists protest… Continue reading

A Simple Manifesto: They Too Are People (Photo Essay by Hannah Stonebraker)

Guest writer and photographer: Hannah Stonebraker  One must recognize they too are people. (This may seem simple. This may seem obvious. I wish, these days, all days, it was.) They too are people. (Not… Continue reading

On Empathy, Death & Context: 39+ Recommended Readings about Israel’s Latest Attack on Gaza

Over the past weeks, in addition to writing a lot, I have been reading (and watching), almost non-stop, about Israel’s latest assault on the Gaza Strip. As of now, the ceasefire seems to be… Continue reading

“Following the attack on Gaza, it is as if I feel completely Palestinian.”

Guest writer: Sawsan Nashashibi I heard my phone ring, but I hesitated before answering. I thought twice before answering my phone on the train because it was packed with soldiers, and with Jews… Continue reading


 Guest writer: Casey Tova Markenson Blue fire rains explosive in my sleep. Faces erased: Omar al-Fyumi. Twenty three. Black shirts pray in protest streets. If I am not for me, who will I… Continue reading

Meters & minutes from the Jerusalem tractor attack…

I am leaving a meeting in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, it’s a bit before 2:00 PM. As I begin walking to catch a bus, I feel my phone buzz. I… Continue reading

An Apology, a Non-Recission & some clarifications re: “Symmetry.”

Last Thursday, I wrote a post entitled “Symmetry,” and I began it as follows: ”Can you imagine– scores of armed men, who do whatever their leaders tell them to do, could kidnap or… Continue reading