I’m teaching… Hebrew!

Cool, right? For all you folks in Jerusalem, starting tomorrow and then every Wednesday at 5:30 PM for the next 10 weeks, I’ll be teaching an Intermediate Hebrew course through the auspices of… Continue reading

“Nonviolence, Dissidence and the Occupation.” A Public Talk at Kehilla Community Synagogue

As the final event in my Bay Area speaking tour this past month, I had the privilege of talking at the amazing Kehilla Community Synagogue in Oakland, CA. I wanted to share the… Continue reading

“Jerusalem will not be silent in the face of racism” (Photos, Flyers, Thoughts)

I returned to Israel-Palestine in the middle of last week, and soon after getting back, I received the same email from six different friends, activists and activist listservs (the emails and Facebook event… Continue reading

Why I Refuse[d]: On God/Love, Nonviolence and Israel’s Military Occupation of the Palestinian Territories.

Originally posted on The Leftern Wall:
                    اقراوا الرسالة بالعربية                לקרוא את המכתב בעברית My name is Moriel Zachariah Rothman.…

Remembering my hero, teacher and grandfather, Philip Rothman

My grandfather, Philip ‘Flip’ Rothman, died on October 6th, in his home, a few weeks before his 93rd birthday. My grandfather was a lifelong teacher, a source of wisdom and guidance and ethics to… Continue reading

On Ari Shavit in the Berkeley Journal of Sociology

I am honored and thrilled to have just been published in the Berkeley Journal of Sociology, and featured in the journal’s relaunch– ”Instead of publishing traditional research articles, we are writing the history of… Continue reading

5 Quotes About “United Jerusalem” That Will Help You Understand the Recent Takeover in Silwan

First off, the awful news: On Monday night, Jewish settlers affiliated with the radical right-wing organization ELAD entered 23 apartments in Silwan, in occupied East Jerusalem. This is a major victory for ELAD, the managers of… Continue reading

18 Mini-Prayers for This New Year

1. In this new year, may justice rain down like fish. Could also be a metaphor for activism… 2. In this new year, may we find reason to laugh a little more. Palestinian… Continue reading

4 More Suggestions for an American Jew Navigating Israel-Palestine During the Gaza Crisis and in General (Part 2 of 2)

Last month, I wrote a piece called “4 Suggestions for an American Jew Navigating Israel-Palestine During the Gaza Crisis and in General (Part 1 of 2).” I was responding to a series of… Continue reading

Four Boys, 43 Ex-Soldiers, 5% Opposed to the War: Three Thoughts on Numbers, Sadness & Hope

1. Sadness: Four Boys on the Beach. I have been away from Israel-Palestine for just over three weeks. Something that has begun to sink in over this time was just how incredibly sad this summer was.… Continue reading