Why the IDF mistranslates its own 1 min. video by adding the word “Terrorist” four times.

This morning, I was scanning Twitter, and stumbled across this odd tweet from the IDF Spokesperson. #Balloons are more than just toys. #IDF soldiers use them to stop #terrorist activity on #Gaza border… Continue reading

5 thoughts and must reads connected to the Charlie Hebdo attack

1. Twelve human beings were murdered. This is the obvious part of the story, but it also needs to be stated, and then re-stated. The discourse -as discourse does- often plunges straight into analyses, take-aways,… Continue reading

“Gaza,” “Swine,” & A Message Board: Three pictures of words in Hebron today

On an empty IDF “pillbox” tower in Hebron, someone spray painted, in Arabic: “Gaza. Gaza. Gaza.” On an inhabited Palestinian house in Hebron, someone spray painted, in Hebrew: “Mohammad is a swine.” And… Continue reading

The Leftern Wall’s Top 14 from 2014

2014 was a heartrending year, filled with some devastatingly low lows and a few moments of decency shining between the cracks. There’s been substantial interest in the goings-on here in Israel-Palestine in general (especially in July-August,… Continue reading

A breathtaking portrait of life in Hebron – in 9 minutes

I am really excited to share this one, with everyone. A few weeks ago, my dear friend, co-organizer and brilliant filmmaker Yuval Orr (he’s guest-posted on this blob, and we co-created the short… Continue reading

Chipping Away at the Wall: Palestinian activists lead 150 Israelis on a tour of Issawiya

This afternoon, a number of Palestinian activists and residents of the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya -home to 18,000 people, all of whom have suffered directly from the Jerusalem Municipality’s policy of collective… Continue reading

Six Palestinians from East Jerusalem talk about life under occupation to 200+ Israelis in West Jerusalem

A curation of live-tweets from last night’s event, in which six Palestinian activists, students and residents of East Jerusalem came to a West Jerusalem bar to take part in an event co-organized by… Continue reading

On the Bilingual School, Racist Arsonists & the Problem with “HaTikvah”

I debated for a little while whether to turn my Facebook status from this morning, which I wrote in Hebrew, into a more filled out blobpost in English. Here’s why I hesitated: 1.… Continue reading

“A Jewish Perspective on Reparations” (Religion Dispatches)

[Published in Religion Dispatches on November 21st] ”Most of the homeless people in Berlin are Jewish. Some of them wear tattered black yarmulkes, their matted beards clinging to emaciated cheeks. Their eyes are… Continue reading

If I were Prime Minister.

If I were Prime Minister of Israel, I would do my best to negotiate an end to the occupation. When it arose, I would embrace the opportunity, challenging as it might be, to… Continue reading