A 10:00 AM Demonstration Against the Planned Eviction of the Sub Leban Family; Next Steps

10:00 AM, Sunday, March 22nd: Ahmad Sub Leban, a friend and colleague, welcomes a group of about 60 activists and journalists outside of his family’s home in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City:… Continue reading

Notes (and tweets) from a solidarity tour in the Shuafat Refugee Camp

Yesterday, I was part of the biggest group of unarmed Israelis to enter the Shuafat Refugee Camp in over a decade. At least that it what the Palestinian organizers of the tour told… Continue reading

A rare win for E. Jerusalem Ruweidi family facing settler takeover (Update)

[Originally posted on +972 Magazine, and as an update to the piece last week before the Ruweidi family’s hearing: JNF, settler group seek to evict Palestinian family in Silwan]  In the context of the… Continue reading

Before we all sink into despair (5 thoughts on hope after the Israeli elections).

Let’s recall a few things: 1. The Joint List, a justice-seeking and equality-oriented list, led by Palestinian citizens of the Israel, in general, and by the dignified and brilliant Ayman Odeh, in particular, is projected… Continue reading

One Palestinian from Ramallah explains why he would vote for the Joint List — If he could vote.

Guest post: Mohammad J. Herzallah*  I never had the chance to vote, ever, like in any elections, but today I am casting an abstract vote, if you will (as a Palestinian in the… Continue reading

Why I am voting for United Torah Judaism*

Their song is unbelievably good. *I’m not actually voting for United Torah Judaism. Here was my actual vote: It is a privilege to add my vote to the #JointList, for democracy, equality, peace… Continue reading

Joint List, Meretz, Shas, Kahlon or the Green Party? A Leftern Guide to Voting in the Israeli Elections on March 17th

Hello. Are you still trying to figure out who to vote for? Or just curious as to who you would vote for if you could vote? Or open to being swayed from what… Continue reading

JNF, Settler group seek to evict Palestinian family in Silwan (in +972 Mag)

[Originally published in +972 Magazine]  Over the past few decades, the Jewish National Fund (JNF-KKL), an organization known to many in the diaspora for its work planting trees in Israel (I gave a… Continue reading

Khuza’a: homes and lives destroyed (by Jen Marlowe)

Originally posted on View from the donkey's saddle:
On July 23, 2014 the Israeli military launched a ground invasion in Khuza’a, in the eastern part of Khan Younis. Dozens of civilians were…

Ayman Odeh’s speech at the Haaretz Democracy Conference – English Translation

I had about an hour to pass at the airport, and ended up watching this speech by Ayman Odeh, chair of the Joint List, at Haaretz’s Democracy Conference. It’s really important, and I… Continue reading