8 questions about the “oops” justification

We are told: There is a fundamental difference between the Israeli regime and the Hamas regime. It is named as “intent.” Hamas intends to kill many (and actually kills few). Israel intends to… Continue reading

Damp minutes. July 22nd, 2014. 

Today was overflowing with damp minutes, a morning siren that has become almost routine but still rings eery, conversations that do not and cannot cease to rip and weigh and that left me… Continue reading

What is the connection between SodaStream and Gaza?

Guest writer: Jacob Udell A few months ago, during the days when the occupation seemed somehow more mundane, back when over 100 senseless deaths in the span of 24 hours would have felt… Continue reading

Meanwhile in Haifa: One demonstrator tells of being punched in the head in the “City of Tolerance”

Guest writer: Samuel Tell I am a demonstrator.  I’ve been to demonstrations in Hebron (where I almost took a tear-gas grenade to the head), Nabi Saleh, Bil’in, etc. Tonight was the first time… Continue reading

One man holding an olive branch in silence (July Story Journal)

Another demonstration tonight, in Tel Aviv. More than a thousand are gathered. The air is serious, heavy. Not much chatting, as is often the case at demonstrations in central Tel Aviv. Instead: chanting, drumming.… Continue reading

“I have never been more conscious of my womanhood.” (July Story Journal)

Guest writer: Leanne Gale. This piece was originally posted on Leanne’s crucial blog, Fugitive Moments of Compassion. I have never been more conscious of my womanhood. 1. I stood and looked on in… Continue reading

“And if I’m a Leftist and an Arab? Double Death?” (July Story Journal)

Tonight I went to an event organized by Breaking the Silence. People read testimonies from Gaza. The first testimony told about how, during Cast Led, three civilians were killed in a mission. The… Continue reading

Clarification: I do not think Palestinians are more moral than Israelis

A story: Jerusalem Day, 2012. I am standing at the Damascus Gate, before the Israeli parade has made its way from West Jerusalem into the occupied parts of the city to celebrate “reunification.”… Continue reading

Facing the Massacre with Eyes Shut Tight (by Idan Landau)

MRZ: My own process, in which I began to shift from a liberal to a leftist, from a Zionist to a non-Zionist, from someone who generally believed Official State narratives to someone who… Continue reading

“#Hitler Did Nothing Wrong.” 3 Thoughts on anti-Semitism in France and a movement for justice for Palestine.

Reply to the Leftern Wall: Hitler was Right. Hitler did nothing wrong. That was the first thing I saw this morning when I turned on my phone. There is a backstory. Last night,… Continue reading