Remembering my hero, teacher and grandfather, Philip Rothman

The Yahrzeit for my grandfather, Pop, Philip Rothman z”’l, was this past week. He died last year, between Yom Kippur and Sukkot, on October 6th, 2014. I wanted to share this post again. I miss him a lot.

The Leftern Wall

PopMy grandfather, Philip ‘Flip’ Rothman, died on October 6th, in his home, a few weeks before his 93rd birthday. My grandfather was a lifelong teacher, a source of wisdom and guidance and ethics to so many who knew him, and an amazing man. I want to write, even though it feels hard to know where to begin, and knowing that no piece of writing could encompass the magnitude of what I learned from my grandfather. I will share a few memories and thoughts, as an expression of both mourning at no longer having my grandfather to speak with, and of immense gratitude for the blessing of having had my grandfather as a role model, an inspiration and a constant presence in my life for my first twenty five years. And more than that: gratitude for the fact that through his teachings and his life path, through the family and community he built, through his jokes, his advice and…

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