The Parallel Universes of Gerald Steinberg and Moriel Rothman

Welp. I was quoted by the Gerald Steinberg of the lovely organization known as NGO Monitor. Here’s the crazy thing: when I hear that I have been quoted by a far-right-winger, I usually wince, because there are definitely individual quotes that one could pluck from my writings that would not look good, but then, I see what they chose to quote and I go: “huh. I one-hundred percent stand by that quote. In fact, I rather like it.” It’s like we are living in parallel universes. Or maybe the universes are similar, only in Gerald’s there are no Pakistilians, I mean… Palestonians… I mean… what are those folks called again? Newt? Sheldon? Anyone?

Ah, right. The quote: “(Last week, a current NIF fellow, Moriel Rothman, noted in an op-ed, “I have become deeply frustrated by the political manipulation of the Holocaust to distract from Israel’s crimes against Palestinians.”)”

Uh. Yep. I did write that.

Here’s Gerald’s full article, for your reading pleasure: