Project Hayei Sarah: Matzah Covers from a Palestinian Women’s Co-op in Hebron

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What is Project Hayei Sarah?

“We are a group of rabbinical students, rabbis, Jewish educators & lay-leaders who have spent time in Hebron and are grappling with the difficult realities we encountered there. We invite our communities into a conversation about what we have seen.

We use the period of Parshat Hayei Sarah, the Torah reading in which Abraham buys part of what is considered to be modern-day Hebron, to do alternative education about the situation there. (Watch some of Project Hayei Sarah’s Video Divrei Torah from 2011)

In the H2 section of Hebron, the economy of the Palestinian community has been nearly destroyed due to the presence of Jewish settlers. This year, Project Hayei Sarah is using the holiday of Passover as an opportunity to support our friends whose ability to take care of their families is severely compromised by the occupation.

At seder tables all over Jerusalem, friends of Project Hayei Sarah used matzah covers hand made especially for them by Women in Hebron. Purchased as an act of solidarity and of hidur mitzvah — beautification/elevation of a commandment, the matzah covers remind us of the liberation we need to continue working towards in Hebron.

To learn more about the situation in Hebron, please visit our friends at:

Chag Sameach from all of us at Project Hayei Sarah, wishing you a spring-time of joy and liberation!”

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