More Possibilities

After Wislawa Szymborska 

I prefer windmills

I prefer the faces

children draw on sweating windows

I prefer the way the droplets slide

I prefer sex

that is not based on biology

I prefer imitating brilliance


I prefer dogs

except when running

I prefer to believe that go[o]d exists

I prefer not to think too much

about outer space or deep sea

I prefer summer

I prefer trees with knots

to trees that refuse to interact

I prefer to eat what I am given

but I also prefer not to eat things that had eyes

I prefer records

I prefer telling jokes

to women

I prefer to be with (and to be)

the victim

I prefer the idea of meditation

I prefer not to see or feel


I prefer radical feminist

pacifism to the resignation

of realism

I prefer to believe that there are more possibilities

for existence to prove that it’s worth keeping around.