Weird is the day wherein I agree with Avigdor Lieberman

Super original never before said insight of the day: all settlements are illegal.

Despite what the cute recent court ruling says (for more on why the Israeli supreme court pretending to be against the occupation is cute, watch the fantastically-titled fantastic movie The Law in These Parts) the settlement of Ulpana is no more illegal than, say, Itamar or even like Tekoa, using “law” to mean something more morally substantial than what the Israeli government says, which is not hard in that it is rare for the Israeli government these days to say anything morally substantial. Except get this: I read a quote by Avigdor Lieberman that- when pulled from its hyperethnosuperior context and follow up recommendations- I basically agree with: “The state made a mistake. [Ulpana residents] did not make a mistake, they were sent there. The state made a mistake and it should take responsibility. I see no other way than legislation that will solve the issue.”

(You did mean legislation to end this insane occupation, right, Avi?)