Items in a conflict zone


I. Children in a conflict zone



Oh! The little forgotten ones

Curled up in fleshy balls on the hill-

Side breezes lift them pill-

Bug small they float

Ah! It is so easy to float on the back of books

And men of god the fathers speak of fearlessness

And the mothers stay covered

Lest they inspire lust

Curl up, little forgotten ones, close your crusted eyes


And curl.




II. Lust in a conflict zone




We are informed that

We are five minutes from

The End I lock eyes

With a woman

Who is leaning in [appropriately] electric

angles and has a nose ring

We make love in the accordion section

Until our bodies are melted together

And then we are melted together

Depending on the bus

Sometimes the man with the dark

Stubble and black jeans joins

And I reach the level of

Liberation I’d been too

Timid to achieve in non-countdown

Life we howl like animals

Our fluids mark the windows


With grace




III. Animals in a conflict zone



I’ve been strangely afraid

Of animals lately.