Notes on the State Sanctioned Theft in Ras al Amud

This past Sunday, part of the Hamdallah family’s house in the Ras al-Amud neighborhood of Silwan, in East Jerusalem, was taken over by settlers, in coordination with a court order. The law here is illegal.

State Sanctioned Theft

The settler’s claim to the land was based on the fact that the property belonged to Jews prior to 1948, as in the 2009 evictions in Sheikh Jarrah. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have claims to land that they owned prior to 1948. But the idea of Palestinians being granted police protection as they take over a room in downtown Tel Aviv sounds fantastical. This is because there are different laws for different races/ethnic groups in Israel. Which is the definition of apartheid.


“Are you the owner of the home?”

“I was.”


The Hamdallah house is directly next to the Israeli East Jerusalem settlement of Maaleh Zeitim. The biggest settlement inside of a Palestinian neighborhood, Maaleh Zeitim looks like a simple, clean hotel, complete with a city-sponsored kindergarten and rows of plants and bushes. It is sponsored by the American casino-wealthy Irving Moskowitz, who is singlehandedly financially behind much of the Judaization of East Jerusalem. His “Moskowitz Foundation” claims to “to help people in need regardless of race, creed, politics or religion.” Which is proof that one can say anything about anything.


The dark-hued Jews guard the light-hued Jews as they moved into part of the house belonging to medium-hued Palestinians.

Another Name for Barbed Wire Fencing

is Human-Proof Fencing.

The actions of this state might be called

Human-Proof Fencing.

A way to close your heart off to a family’s house being half-taken for the sake of the sick games of ethnicity, politics, power might be called

Human-Proof Fencing.

“What’s Your Name?” 


“Mori! You look like a girl with that thing on your head!”

“Yeah, maybe! What’s your name?”


“How old are you, Yasmin?”