“My Hand in the Plan for Peace,” by Mori Rothman, Age 12.


If the IDF needs more proof that values of nonviolence and peace have guided me since I was a tiny dweeb, they should read this essay that my parents just found in an box of old things. I wrote it in Ms. Blake’s Language Arts class, at the age of 12, in Yellow Springs, Ohio. It is called “My Hand in the Plan for Peace.” I am going to copy it verbatim, despite the few things I’d tweak after 11 years. Surprisingly few, though, which does make me wonder why exactly I went to College. Or High School. Or even finished Middle School. This one’s for the IDF:

My hand in the plan for peace

by Mori Rothman

Ms. Blake, 1-14-02, McKinney, 7th.

       Hate, fear, racism. All those things are commonly found in today’s society. Even though people claim to be fair and equal, discrimination is still highly resoundant. This Hate sometimes turns to violence. What I think I can do to help this is try and not do it myself. I can also try to make other people stop. 

      People think, “I’m young I can’t do anything to stop all the injustices.” I strongly disagree. I think young people can do just as much as full grown adults. No matter if its big or small all of it makes a difference. All the way from talking to someone to marching in a protest.

   War is commonly caused by fear, anger, hate or prejudice. Osama bin Laden attacked America because of Hate and anger. Jhon F Kennedy, Malcolm X, and Itzchak Rabin were murdered because of fear of change and hate of difference. But some people deal with fear and anger differently. Martin Luther King saw them happening all around him but instead of resorting to violence he preached and led protests. Even in the protests the only violence was coming from the other side. That takes a great man. He too was murdered. All any of these people ever wanted was peace. Peace with the Arabs, peace with the whites, peace with mankind. That dream must be carried on. My goal is to be half as good as any of these great men. That is my hand in the plan for peace. =)

Word. Word, little Mori. Word.