Update: 10 days, and an interview in Hyper Vocal

We found out recently that Moriel is up North in a military prison, where he will be detained for the next ten days. After that they will presumably release him in order to allow him the chance to change his mind and enlist. Then, the process will start over and then… we’ll see.

Moriel is feeling good and calm. When he called, he said, “Everything is as it should be.” Thanks for all of the support, love and inquiries. I will continue to update this lil blob as information comes in.

In the meantime, read this interview that Mori did with Cooper Fleishman at Hyper Vocal, where Mori talks about his decision to refuse: http://hypervocal.com/news/2012/moriel-rothman-jail-idf/

Also, I thought I might upload some pictures of some famous refusers. Here is a picture of Henry David Thoreau looking – as he tended to – especially wild-eyed.