The Blobbit, or There and Back Again

9:37 AM


On my way back to the draft base. How I have missed the breath-taking views of fake grass and barbed wire! The expressions of searing boredom on almost all the olive-clad soldierlets’ faces! The bureaucracy! O, the bureaucracy!

My plan this time around is to insist, with all my powers of insistation, that they actually give me a Conscience Committee, even if that means lying on the floor at. The IDF Spokesperson did say, in comments to Haaretz in the article last week, that:

”The soldier was arrested for avoiding the draft and for violating the Security Service Law and was sentenced to 10 days’ incarceration,” the IDF Spokesman’s Unit said in a statement.”The above-mentioned soldier submitted a request to appear before the Conscience Committee, and when he completes his sentence a decision will be made concerning the rest of his military service.”

I’m not a soldier. That’s the whole point, guys. But anyway, the point of re-posting that comment is to show that either they are just being slippery sneaks, or there is actually a chance they will reconsider my request after I finished my jail sentence. (Hallo! I finished! Reconsider! Hallo?)

Here goes.

Video update:

PS. 100 points to whoever got that the title of this blog post was a spin off of Tolkein.