Introducing: The Leftern Wall’s Anti-Occupation Pro-Love Justice-Seeking Haiku Series

Yo team. My writing has slowed down to a trickle lately. I guess you could call it a Block of sorts. There’s a big question in writing, as in all art, as to how much one can assist the Muse, ie., how well can I write when my writing is scrabbling inside of me to be scribbled out on a page? I think the jury is still out on that one for me, but I am ready to start blobbing again, so I’m going to try to spark the tinder by turning to my time-tested technique of chiseling through Writer’s Block: Haikus. As of today, I am going to start blobbing Haikus, between one and five per day, under the theme of Anti-Occupation, Pro-Love and Justice-Seeking. This also corresponds nicely with Twitter, I think, which is good, I think. And there is something powerful about succinticity. Succinthood. Succinctness. Whatever.

Feedback welcome as always.

Here goes:

I. Hm. Arabs and Jews

Will soon get separate buses

That sounds familiar…

african-american-citizens-sitting-in-the-rear-of-the-bus-in-compliance-with-florida-segregation-law-posters (1)

II. Israel’s Government:

A dramatic choice between

“Far Right” or “Way Right”

Netanyahu with Lapid and Bennett

III. Mairav on Violence

In Qusra and South Hebron:

Allowed. And lauded?


IV. My friend Natan Blanc

Has been sent back to Jail 6

Seventh term; Strength, friend.


That’s all for today.