Slingshot and Guard Tower: An Image

We are driving through the West Bank. It is Friday. The sun is glancing off of heavygreen hills. We arrive at a juncture, plastered with one of the ubiquitous red signs in Hebrew: Israeli! Do Not Pass! This Area is Dangerous For Your Life! Next to it is a “pillbox,” a rounded military guard tower. I cannot see if there is anyone inside of it or not. In front of the guard tower stands a boy. His face is covered in a red-black-green-white mask with the eyes cut out. He is swinging a black slingshot. There is no one else around, there are no slogans being called. Our driver takes a sharp turn and drives off quickly. From the back window, I crane my neck to see the masked boy still standing there in front of the guard tower, the slingshot winding slow, rhythmic circles in the warm Palestine air around him.