Flags Revisited

1. All of them flup flupping

God today is also a windy, a delicious day


2. If I die in a suicide bombing

please do not remember me

as a Suicide Bombed.


3. Again outside of the hall again, six or twelve or sixteen people

yell PalestiNazis! PalestiNazis!

their voices cracking into a megaphone.

My friend had forgotten that her folks’ car

was beflagged but no one throws stones

in North Tel Aviv.


4. flup flup


5. The kid with the slingshot had a grass-night-cloud and berry

mask wrapped around his face. He looked

scary. The kids down the street have cloud and topaz

draped over their shoulders. They look–

Let’s don’t compare, shall we.

The profit intones:

Let nation lift up flag against nation

Let them wave their cloths somemore.


5. Four planes fly over, leaving cloud trails

in the topaz sky [Note: A Metaphor], huddling together in for[warmth]mation

and then down towards the buildings

I look at my phone, 4-16. Not as crisp

as 9-11. The planes swoop back up.

Someone cheers.


6. Did no One get the memo that fireworks

works poorly in a society that hasn’t yet reached the Post

part of -TSD. Or maybe that is

the point.


7. I still don’t I don’t I

do not.


8. As the second siren goes

off an [presumably] Arab worker

continues banging on a wall.


9. flup flup flup