Why These Five Israelis Demonstrated Outside of the Prime Minister’s House

More than a thousand Israeli demonstrators gathered outside of the Prime Minister’s house tonight to protest. I asked five why they were there:

photo 1

“I am here because I am against racism.”

photo 2

“I am here in solidarity with Arabs and Jews.”

photo 3

“This state is becoming more and more racist, and we need to fight back.”

photo 4

“I believe in the power of nonviolence.”

photo 5

Why are you at this demonstration?

“I feel like soon, I won’t have a place here.”

In Israel?


In what way?

“That I won’t be able to tolerate the violence, the racism. Really, I am worried, for myself and for my children. This week was the first time in my life -and I’m not young at all- that I’ve felt that maybe I don’t want to live the rest of my life here… Give me a second before you take my picture? So I’m not crying in the photograph.”

* * *

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