On Ari Shavit in the Berkeley Journal of Sociology

I am honored and thrilled to have just been published in the Berkeley Journal of Sociology, and featured in the journal’s relaunch– ”Instead of publishing traditional research articles, we are writing the history of the present.” My piece takes on Ari Shavit’s recent book (as well as other things) and is called:

“Scores of Arabs Were Killed”

On Ari Shavit’s book My Promised Land, the phenomenon of Palestinian-blindness, and the legitimation of massacres.

And as part of the Berkeley Journal’s mission to make the content accessible to a wide audience, unlike many academic publications, it is available, in full, online! It will also be coming out in print next week, for the Berkeley students and sociologists and Anti-Screen-Readingists among you. In the meantime, here is the link to the online version: