A 10:00 AM Demonstration Against the Planned Eviction of the Sub Leban Family; Next Steps

FullSizeRender_110:00 AM, Sunday, March 22nd: Ahmad Sub Leban, a friend and colleague, welcomes a group of about 60 activists and journalists outside of his family’s home in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City: “We are threatened with the potential of eviction any day. We have a discussion of our family’s case in the Supreme Court on May 31st. Despite this, the settlers and police have already tried to evict us three times since November. The presence of activists and media is crucial.”

Read more about the Sub Leban case on +972 Magazine. 


Then the drummers begin to drum. And the signers begin to sign:





”No to the settlers’ takeover of the Sub Leban home.”



“Stop the eviction.”



“Jews from Jerusalem say: No to the ‘Judaization’ of Jerusalem.”

FullSizeRender_4The police stayed at the edges of the demo until the end, Palestinian passersby ranged from bemused to supportive. Jewish Israeli passersby ranged from startled to bristling. This latter part made me sad. This is not a struggle against individuals: even if they’ve made decisions that I see as unjust (moving into a home from which a Palestinian family has been evicted), they are not the ones making the policy.


At the end of the demonstration, the Sub Leban family invited us all up to their home. It is a beautiful home. The thought that they might be evicted from their home for no reason other than that they are born to the “wrong” ethnicity, according to my bigoted, narrow-minded government, is nauseating. We must do all we can to ensure that they are not evicted.


You can join the struggle against the eviction in the following ways:

Sign Nora Sub Leban’s petition: Help Me Save My Home

Like the Facebook Page: Stop Nora’s Eviction.

Like the Facebook Page: Free Jerusalem

And if you can, attend the upcoming demonstration, that will go from the Sub Leban family’s home to the Shamasneh family’s home in Sheikh Jarrah, this Friday at 1:45 PM. More information here.