Israel Reflection: The Rise of a Palestinian Israel?

My reflections on Israel’s recent elections included here, along with a number of other intriguing takes on the results, from other Palestinian and Jewish citizens of Israel, as well as from Palestinians without Israeli citizenship but who live under Israeli rule.

Global Elections


Editor’s Introduction: The 2015 Global Elections Israeli elections reflective summary comes to you curated and edited by Kirsten Sjölander- profile at bottom.

An introduction, written by Sjölander, and five ‘voice’ essays from those who did and couldn’t vote in the March 17 elections, Sjölander and her contributors discuss the emerging politics of opposition coalitions, specifically the rise of the Joint List. This essay explores the relationship between citizenship, belonging, and the right to vote. Sjölander and contributors contend that The Joint List is representative of an emergent Palestinian Israel which is not conceding  political defeat.

Israel, as Global Elections has noted, is a country where elections typically are dominated by a single issue- the question of Palestine- although like many other democracies the election was largely focussed on issues of the economy.  This essay further deals with the questions of whether Israel is a Jewish state, and whether it is democratic.

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