UPDATE: Susiya’s High Court Discussion Delayed; Demolitions Likely Delayed Also

[Note: This post has been altered to account for updated language and information].

This is the update from Rabbis for Human Rights and “Free Jerusalem,” a few of the many groups of activists and organizers working on the #SaveSusiya campaign:

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.08.51 AM

Here is a translation:

”There is a postponement of the High Court hearing scheduled for August 3rd  on the appeal of the  residents of Susya against the rejection of the master building plan submitted to the  Civil Administration planning committee.  This is because the State has been exploring whether there is a basis for discussing legalizing the status of the village.

In the meantime, thanks the determined struggle of the residents of Susya, and the public pressure that we collectively helped create, we believe that there will not be demolitions in the next two weeks.

At the same time, we will wait to hear about developments, and when a decision regarding the village’s future grows nearer, we will renew the public struggle.

We will continue to update; so that Susiya will not be alone. So that Susiya will remain Palestinian.”


It is important to recognize that this does not mean that Susiya is safe from demolition; just that the threat is less immediate than it was a few weeks ago, and that the High Court case on August 3rd has been delayed until further notice. Please keep your minds and hearts focused on Susiya– as the Free Jerusalem folks wrote, when the decision’s timing grows nearer (which could be weeks from now, or it could be months from now, but it will most likely not be days from now), public activism may again be imperative.

It is also important to recognize this moment in the campaign. For now, Susiya remains standing, and that is entirely thanks to the bravery and dedication of its residents, and to support, solidarity and action from supporters through the Israel-Palestine and around the world.

More updates soon.