The Attack on Bruce Lee Eid (Video)

[Originally posted on the All That’s Left anti-Occupation Blog]

Recently in Haaretz, in a piece called “An Orgy of Violence and Closed Cases,” the indispensable Amira Hass called on the Israeli authorities to prove that their espoused shock over the recent Duma attack were not just “crocodile tears” by reopening investigations of old cases of violent settler attacks against Palestinians throughout the West Bank. The first example of such an attack Hass gives was the April 2011 attack on a man named Bruce Lee Eid from the village of Burin, who was shot and gravely wounded by a group of settlers.

 I met and interviewed Bruce Lee by chance as he was recovering in the fall of 2011. He immediately struck me as a quirky and decent man, gently teasing me in Arabic and calling me “Darwish” because I’d mentioned to him that I liked poetry. I made this short video then, and thought it would be worthwhile to share now, by way of providing a face and a voice to the crucial story written by Hass: