Repost from 2015 – A Night of Horror: Stabbing at Jerusalem Pride; Murderous Burning in the West Bank

At the Jerusalem Pride march last year, Shira Banki z”l was murdered. I am flying out to the US tonight, so will not be able to make it to the march tomorrow, but I am with all of the marchers in spirit, and mourning Shira Banki along with the community. May her memory be a blessing.

The Leftern Wall

Yesterday afternoon, Kayla and I made our way into central West Jerusalem for this year’s Jerusalem Pride Parade. It was a sunny, crisp afternoon, and we met up with a friend, Jenna, whom we’d met in Berkeley last year, and a few of Jenna’s friends. There was such high energy at the initial gathering in Independence Park: everyone was dressed beautifully, laughing and practicing slogans and greeting friends. It felt wonderful to be in such a space in Central Jerusalem.


The march started, lead by the Trans Bloc, dressed in neon green. There was a big group of Meretz supporters, dressed in a darker green, and a group of Communist Soccer Fans, dressed in red, and a small cluster of Likud supporters, dressed in white. Kayla and I translated some of the more interesting slogans for Jenna, and we talked about the worlds of difference between this march and San Francisco Pride, or even Tel Aviv…

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