Hi friends,

These past few months have, for me, been defined by my brother’s accident, by fear and relief and pain and healing and confusion and strangeness and exhaustion and hope. Since October, I have been based in California, to be near Jesse; tomorrow, I am heading home to Jerusalem. As I prepare to depart, I have in my chest and my heart a feeling of calm, of deep and absolute confidence that Jesse’s recovery and healing — which has been nothing short of miraculous, and which will require more time and patience — will continue as it should.

I haven’t written much –here or at all– over the past few months, so the declaration of “hiatus” may seem redundant. Still, it feels like an important step for me, as part of the process of my own recalibration: I will not be regularly posting here, or on Twitter, for a while. I will also be decentralizing email’s role in my life, for the first time since I was 17 or 18. I feel like I have a lot to learn and process from all of this, and carving out some non-internet-centric space in my life feels like an important part of this.

I do also want to note that I think that the global Trump era that stands to begin -or that has already begun?- will require radical new types of creativity and community building and risk-taking action (Standing Rock poses, in this light, both an incredible model and clarion call). This hiatus from my current online political frameworks should not be interpreted [internally or externally] as a hiatus from my commitment to the world.

I will, over the coming period, be reposting a few selected older pieces, published here and elsewhere over the past five years, which feel relevant to current times.

With love and hope and gratitude,