Remembering Esther Rothman, z”l (Yellow Springs News).

My beloved, brilliant, hilarious and kind grandmother, Esther Steinberg Rothman, died last week. I am both really sad, and really grateful for all of the minutes and years I got to spend with her. A number of my family and I wrote her obituary collaboratively for the Yellow Springs News:

”Long-time village resident Esther Rothman passed away on April 19, 2017, in Berkeley, Calif., at the age of 94. She was flown home and buried on Tuesday next to her husband, Phil, in the Glen Forest Natural Cemetery.

Esther was a person overflowing with enthusiasm, curiosity and laughter and she embodied loving-kindness.

Born in Philadelphia in 1923 as Esther Steinberg, she was raised in the Jewish section of South Philadelphia. Her father was an immigrant from Moldova; her mother was American-born. After graduating high school, Esther enrolled at Temple University, where she studied education and began her lifelong path as a teacher and educator par excellence…

Read the rest of the obituary here.