Book Review: The Scholar and the Activist – David Shulman between south hebron and south india

While this blog is technically retired –insofar as I haven’t written new content here for a few years now, and don’t plan for this to be the forum for new writing– I did think (or, more accurately, Kayla did remind me to think) that readers of The Leftern Wall would appreciate my newest essay, a book review for the Tel Aviv Review of Books in which I discuss author, professor, linguist, poet, Israel Prize-winner, translator and anti-occupation activist David Shulman’s writings on South India and on South Hebron. The latter discussion draws deeply from many of the posts I wrote here, and many of the experiences that formed the backbone of this blog. Anyhow, enough preamble — here it is: I poured a lot into the piece, and I’m very excited to share it with you all.