poetryMoriel’s poem, “Wetland,” is forthcoming in the spring 2018 issue of The Common, an award-winning print and digital literary journal based in Amherst, Mass.


Moriel’s poem, “Jerusalem Forest,” was published in August 2017 in the Daytona Howl Online Literary Magazine. You can read it here.


Moriel Rothman-Zecher has performed his poetry in solo shows at venues ranging from the Willy Brandt Center in Jerusalem to the AIC Cafe in Beit Sahour and has been featured” at the Berkeley Poetry Slam, at Yesh Gvul’s Alternative Independence Day Ceremony, and on IndieFeed, a podcast that aggregated the work of “the best spoken word artists in the field today.”


Jerusalem was published on the IndieFeed Performance Poetry Channel and podcast on March 10th, 2014 and on +972 Magazine on May 20th, 2012, and on the Promised Podcast on January 28, 2016. 

*An Israeli’s Poem for El Hakawati Theatre: 

El Hakawati was performed at a demonstration in Jerusalem against the closing of the El Hakawati children’s theatre festival. 


Susiya was performed live in Susiya


*אני מאמין (בשמאלנות)– ספוקן וורד 

(English translation here)

*A Short and Dweeby Poem for Before I Refuse to Enlist in the Army: 

A Short and Dweeby Poem was republished on Sojourners Magazine

*”Jail 6″ A Trinlingual Poem @ Yesh Gvul’s Alternative Ceremony: 

*Jerusalem II 

*This Process (In Hebrew, Arabic and English): 

*Smoke Rises at an Arab House: 

*Hopes for the New Year: A Filled in Beard and a Palestine: 

*Burned Palms/The Meaning of Return (Part of the Hebron/Project Hayei Sarah Video D’var Series, 2011): 

Burned Palms was featured in a performance art project at the University of Cincinnati in May, 2014. 

*Silwan, November 27, 2011: 



Page Poems:

*I Vote for Ilhan Omar: But so mobs/ We know from mobs…

*Sunrise in Susiya: The wild symphony of snorting/ goats and the nasal bleat of a young man/stubbled and snoring next to me…

*18 Mini-Prayers for This New Year: In this new year/May justice rain down like/fish…

*The Moon and a Homeless Man As Seen from my Mid-Twenties: The moon is a little dustball/ caught in the charcoal cough/ of the night what functioning heart/ can truly withstand the minor key…

*Flags: 1. All of them flup flupping/ it’s a windy, a delicious day/ 2. If I die in a suicide bombing/ please do not remember me/ as a Suicide Bombed…

*Lintels: Gates of the Old City and/ Ringing, humming, singing:/ Oh, now we are sons-of-freedom!

*Counting on Lovingkindess as Dew: this day in April/ may lovingkindness drip down as dew & and strong/ shall our tiny tongues tingle/with each taste of renew/droplets light with chemicals/ heavywet tumbles the Truth…

*More Possibilities: I prefer windmills/ I prefer the faces/children draw on sweating windows/ I prefer the way the droplets slide…

 *Rejoinder: …none will look in my eyes which/are green and purple and puffing air in and out/like sphygmomanometers/Why has no one noticed that there are air/ starved birds in this very bus and people/holding guns…

*Jerusalem Poems That Already Are: A political poem! that snarkily observes the rather un-Ironic/Irony of an Oppressed People Oppressing People/ A devotional poem! that undulates and ululates/ how Holy thy Stones/ and Widows/ and thy Condom Wrappers…

*Why Things Are Going to be OK: All of the time/ someone I know is laughing/ unless you are no longer breathing/ all of the time you are still breathing…

*War Plaque: I’m sorry/ in the way a hyena is sorry/ when she discovers she’s been/ chewing on her own leg/ incisors slipping saliva into flesh so familiar/…

*Items in a Conflict Zone: Oh! The little forgotten ones/ Curled up in fleshy balls on the hill-/ Side breezes lift them pill-/ Bug small they float…

*Embedded in the Sixth Day in Jail: The hill over the spire of barbed/tongues is tufted with Suessweeds/I envision myself dancing through them/naked and then/I am.