The JNF-KKL Seeks To Take Over Another Home in Silwan

The JNF-KKL is seeking to take over yet another home in Silwan, belonging to the Ruweidi family, by way of the “Absentee Property Law.”

Here is a letter written by Juma’a Muhammad Saalim al-Ruweidi, 85, to the JNF and its supporters.  In it, he writes to the supporters of the JNF-KKL:

“…I am asking you, in the name of my family and the people of Silwan, to do all in your power to make up for the injustice that has been done against my family over the past two decades, and to acknowledge that we are the rightful owners of the house.”

Rabbis for Human Rights in North America and in Israel are launching another letter campaign to put an end to this injustice. Sign the letter now!

The letter campaign launched a few months ago around the case of the Sumarin family was astonishingly effective—the JNF-KKL froze the eviction processes (they are still frozen) and a member of the JNF Board in the US resigned in protest.

Please take five minutes to sign this letter, and spread it to your friends and colleagues. This is important- and could possibly make a difference in this family’s lives, and in the situation in Silwan and Jerusalem.