My Name [What It’s Been and What It’s Become]

My name has always been Moriel Rothman. Sometimes I’ve gone by Mori. Occasionally I’ve signed with my middle name, Zachariah. But as of last Friday, my name has changed:

I am now Moriel Rothman-Zecher.

As a matter of practice, I generally try to blog only about myself. It’s a tricky balance, being a ”personal” blogger and writer, harvesting my best insights from deep within the soil of my own experiences, emotions, struggles and successes, and at the same time generally leaving out the names and identities of those people who are central to my experiences and life, so as to protect their privacy. I think I’ve struck a decent balance, and hope to continue down largely the same path. With that, this change -both tiny (six letters and a hyphen) and enormous (how much is in a name!)- struck me as the right opportunity to acknowledge here, on this blog, that in all that I do, write and am, I am part of a partnership, and that virtually everything I’ve written over the past year and a half, everything I’ve said and everything I’ve done, has been deeply impacted by a woman who is simultaneously my best friend, my hero, my fellow justice-seeker, my support system, my home, my inspiration, my love and now, my wife, Kayla.

With infinite love, gratitude and wonder, Kay. A million times over.

Here’s to our name.

The Rothman-Zechers


[Of course she looked over this post before I posted it].