Instructions: Three Simple Ways to Stand with Susiya via Facebook

1. Copy the following image and make it your facebook “Cover.”                      [Also, bloggers and other website owners should consider doing the same].

2. Post this “Picbadge” to your profile picture (follow this link, super simple):

3. Upload a picture of yourself by or in your own house -which you would not want to be demolished either- to the facebook page “Stand with Susiya: No to Demolition.” Under the upload, put your Name, Profession and Location.

Step 1: Upload Photo…

Step 2: Post Photo! (feel free to be more creative than I was…) 

This is an important step: Once we have enough pictures, Israeli and Palestinian activists will deliver the pictures, in physical copies, to the Civil Administration in the settlement of Beit El, to let them know that concerned citizens abroad are also opposed to the Civil Administration’s plans to Demolish Susiya.

These facebook campaigns matter. Facebook activism played a huge role in the campaign this past fall to stop the eviction of the Sumarin family from their house in Silwan at the hands of the JNF. The Sumarin family is still in there house. Take 15 minutes to do these three steps– it could make the difference between Susiya being demolished and erased and Susiya remaining.