Angels in Three Iterations

Iteration I: Speaking of Angels– Cooing Calmness on Cotton Clouds

Lolloping lakes of lilting liquid love

Floof from forgotten forests of fog.

Mountainous molars of music munch

Into sonorous skies of silent sound.

Harbors humming heavy with helium helicies house

insects that inject heavenly hosts

With their due-daily dose of insulin.

Yes, diabetic angels try hard

real hard

Not to cry sugar tears

Plink plunking tragically on anemic harps

As porridge colored youth pluck pebbles

Of prescription from Mama’s medicine cabin-

ets jus’ so sad.

Plink plunk.

Iteration II: Speaking to Angels– Betrayal

Sneak away, now

Snakes that you are.

You scorn the serpent

He: Legs lost post-

Edenly, You: winged,

Glorious, perched in shining Hall-


Iteration III: Angels Speak—Moping

Nobody likes us

Everybody hates us, we’d

Better go eat worms






Glow-in-the-Dark Gummo-Wormos!