Palestine Pop Quiz! Helicopters, Soldiers, Eviction Orders & More!

 Scenario: The Israeli Army lands two helicopters near your village in the Southern West Bank. Let’s call it “Jenbah.” (Sounds authentically oriental). Soldiers pour out of the ”choppers.” They are heavily armed. Their faces are obscured. They scuttle around your village, taking notes, pictures. “Mapping.” Jenbah is one of eight villages that Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has recently declared as a “Firing Zone.” That means that your village must be evacuated along with the other seven. After all, we wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt.

Question: What does this event indicate to you?

 A. That the Israeli Helicopters filled with soldiers got lost on their way to record, for future reference, all of the trees in Israel-Palestine upon which kittens could get stuck.

B. That the soldiers, against the orders of their commanders, had stolen two helicopters and were attempting to stage an act both rebellious and humanitarian, that is, after 45 years of occupation, to finally provide your village with running water and electricity.

C. That the Israeli Army is preparing to forcibly expel you and your family and all of your neighbors and your neighboring villages.

D. That the Israeli government is laying the groundwork for peace and as such wanted to undertake peacebuilding gestures to ensure Palestinians knew how much their security was important to Israel.

Good luck!


For hints: See Potential Answers by OccuPupils Amitai Ben Abba and Amira Hass.