Bruchin is Officically a Settlement! Israel Hayom Reports. Moriel Rothman Translates.

Israel HaYom: “Bruchin outpost in Samaria officially recognized as settlement.” 

RothmanTranslation: Israel feels so confident that America will do nothing more than cluck its congressional tongue that it has commenced a blatant consolidation of its Apartheid-like rule over the West Bank. 

“GOC Central Command’s signature marks final step in regulating the legalization of the settlement, which was classified as an unauthorized outpost in the 2004 Sasson Report.”

Translation: Israel’s government has a total of 0.0% interest in/intention of pulling out of the settlements in the West Bank. And they certainly aren’t about to grant Palestinians full citizenship. And when two ethnic/racial groups live in the same territory, and one has full rights while the other has basically none, that is called Apartheid. 

Article By Sheldon Adelson’s Israel Hayom Staff. Translated by Moriel Zachariah Rothman.

“GOC Central Command Maj. Gen. Nitzan Alon on Sunday signed an order authorizing the Bruchin settlement as part of the Samaria Regional Council.”

Translation: Nitzan Alon, like most of Israel’s military establishment, presumably sleeps at night by telling himself that he does what he does to “uphold the law.” Moreover, he has probably convinced himself that international law, which speaks of oddities like “equality” and “democracy” is somehow anti-semitic. 

“Alon’s signature is the final step in the legalization of the settlement, which was declared an unauthorized outpost in the 2004 Sasson Report on illegal outposts, since it lacked the defense minister’s signature on its building plan.”

Translation: Since 2004, Israel’s government has grown weary of pretending it is ever going to leave the Occupied Territories of its own will. It’s tiring to lie so frequently and so unconvincingly. 

“Around 100 families live in Bruchin, which was established by the Israeli government in the late 1990s.”

Tranlsation: Around 100 families have been manipulated by their government into becoming tools for an expansionist and colonialist ideology. 

“In April, the Prime Minister’s Office announced that three outposts, Bruchin, Sansana and Rechelim, would be retroactively legalized. The Israeli government said of its decision said that it was “formalizing the status” of the settlements in Judea and Samaria.”

Translation: You gonna stop us, Obama? Oh what’s that? You’re afraid. Boom. How About: Three New Settlements. Oh. By the way, good luck in November. 

“The legalization of Bruchin follows a series of legal appeals by left-wing organizations demanding the evacuation of a number of settlements, including Bruchin.”

Translation: Israel’s government has grown tired of these pesky Left Wing organizations attempting to “uphold democracy.” It has decided to respond to the Left: Nope. Answer applicable to basically everything ya’ll ask for, from here on out. We’ll let you have a handful of cases every now and then, to appease our European trading partners. But not when it comes to issues we really care about. Come on. 

“Construction and development in Bruchin have been halted since the publication of the Sasson Report. Alon’s signature means that the settlement officially joins the Samaria Regional Council, becoming the 31st settlement in the district.”

Translation: Hooray! 

“This is a victory for common sense over politics and the maliciousness of the leftist, anti-Zionist school of thought,” said council head Gershon Masika. “The prime minister has ended years of injustice that seriously and unnecessarily harmed the residents of the settlement.”

Translation: This is a victory for racism over democracy and the least-we-can-do-is-try-to-stop-new-settlements-from-being-built-ness of the leftist, anti-Zionist school of thought. The Prime Minister has done yet more to promise years of injustice to come that will seriously and unnecessarily harm the Jewish and Palestinian residents of this region.