I am under arrest, being held till I am brought before a military judge

Chilling, bro. Chilling. I am not afraid. I am love. I am calm. Yallabye. ;)

Update: I’ve been sentenced to 10 days for refusing the order to enlist, in jail 6 near Atlit, in the north. Things are generally fine, chill. The feeling of being locked in a cell is not a pleasant one, but the other folks here are friendly and my mood is generally positive.

I did have one moment of panic where, right before entering, I heard a bunch of people chanting:

“smolanim! Smolanim!” (leftists! Leftists!) and I was like:

Ok I’m definitely done for. And then I realized they were chanting:

“smol, yamin! Smol, yamin!” (left, right! Left, right!) as they marched.