Updates from across the sea

When I was five years old Mori punched me in the face after we watched “The Sound of Music.” I had not understood that raising my right arm in salute signified support for Nazism. I didn’t understand what Nazism was. I didn’t understand what “signified” was for that matter. So, I saluted Hitler and Mori promptly punched me in the nose. For the sake of my woefully deviated septum, I am glad that Mori no longer does a lot of punching. I am glad, also, that his courage, conviction, and passion have survived the last 15 years. He has continued to fight hate and stand up for what he believes is right. For this, he is now sitting in military prison.

My name is Jesse (Hi Jesse), Mori is my older brother and best friend (Oh, I see). He asked me to update his friendly neighborhood blob, while he is visiting the friendly neighborhood jail over the next weeks. I will be keeping readers up to date, contributing periodically with content of my own (perhaps about nonviolence, perhaps about American politics), and moderating the forum. During this period, if you would like to contribute something, email me at jessesrothman@gmail.com and, if your piece is appropriate, I will upload it to the blog.

For now, this is what I know from my perch in Minnesota, USA. Mori went with friends and supporters to the army draft location, and was sent off with lots of love, solidarity, and calm. It was a positive and happy gathering. He is calm and dweeby, as ever. Here are some pictures of that event that Ryan Beiler took:

Image        Image

He is currently sitting somewhere in detention. We haven’t heard yet about what his sentence will be or what next steps will come. We should be hearing soon from him about where he is and how long he is going to be there. I will write an update as soon as I know.

Perhaps it goes without saying, but I am incredibly proud of Mori and I know that he has been overwhelmed by the support and love that he has received in the last couple of weeks. I am proud of him for living his values strongly; for being open, humble and thoughtful in taking this stand; for supporting peace and justice in all facets of his life; and for being funny and silly throughout this process as he always is. I will also update with some of my own thoughts soon. If you want to contribute to the blog in the upcoming weeks, send me a line.