Plastic Forks and Unusual Rhythms

Here are some observations directly from Mori. As is his wont, the sentences get short and become fragmented when the ideas get more spiritual. I think that is probably appropriate. There are some things we can only hint at. Also, since Mori’s reading Charles Bukowski here is a little poem by the crazy dude:
“if you’re going to try,/ go all the way./ there is no other feeling like that./ you will be alone with the gods/ and the nights will flame with/ fire./ do it, do it, do it./ do it./ all the way all the way./ you will ride life straight to/ perfect laughter, its/ the only good fight there is.”
one [observation] is that jail six is a lot like jerusalem in that i saw some guy today getting really excited about getting a plastic knife instead of just a fork. in jerusalem we get very excited about seeing something unusual, like a leftist or a rainbow flag..

another is it feel so removed from everything i see and experience. it gives me an ability to see how people can see the army and violence as two separate things. if this is where someone started out its totally disconnected from war, occupation. i feel super distant in an interesting way.

maybe calmness. like just that i feel pretty calm in the face of this thing. good practice for not taking things personally or too seriously or not let others have power over you in a physical sense. they have physical power of me over my time…I am not afraid, intimidated or angry. I feel very, very not angry. I’m not angry at folks are here, folks who are guarding me or even things they are saying which might bother me in less of a calm state.

I am calmer than i am out there. things are so clear…what is supposed to get to me, enraging, etc. so that i know when to turn on my consciousness. out there it’s hard to know what will push my buttons, make me sad, make me mad…here it’s clear. they make you stomp your feet. wake up at 4:30. walk in formations. So I need to stay calm, keep myself from worrying, until I get through this. My calmness is needed and it is coming to meet the need. It is proving itself near.

Lot’s of love. It’s a very friendly vibe. I’m not talking a lot. I’m listening more than usual. I’m putting my opinions aside and listening. Of course, I’m protecting myself.

They do try to make it unpleasant, waking up at 4:30, stomp around, sleeping in little crusty mattresses, make sure our beds are tidy…probably similar to army itself, but i don’t know.

Reading charles bukowski all about arbitrary power, abuse of power.

Funny moments. People talking back. Funny things