Released from War-Jail into The Jail of War

I arrive in Tel Aviv just in time
For the siren deepbreathing leftover jail-
Zen I notice the woman scratch-
breathing whispering to the driver
to let her go, let me out, where is the nearest shelter
Europe sometime chuckles
Another man says maybe its a drill
And then a woman says no I heard
A boom
And in the back of the bus the two kids
Are still making out.
Right now, there are people
Burning. There are people
Burning. There are people
We protest in a small
Huddle with limpid slogans
Stop it
Slogans of vertigo
We are falling
Sideways and there are people burning
accross the street they sing
the nation lives the nation lives
And kids my little sister’s age
Are being sent off
Burn and be burned
The way of the war.