A reminder of why we did what we did in Hebron

Photo from a few days ago by my friend and fellow activist and organizer, Avner Gvaryahu. Translation of the graffiti sprayed next to the Spongebob Squarepants and ringed with Stars of David:

“Death to Arabs.”

HebronIf we don’t continue to affirm -loudly, constantly, aggressively- that segregation, racism, violence, oppression, xenophobia, hatred are anathemas to our Judaism, then we allow Hebron-Judaism, wherein someone can spray paint “Death to Arabs” next to a kids play place and surround the graffito with Jewish stars, to continue its vicious takeover of our culture, our history and our collective future. To say nothing of the Palestinian children who awake to see their death called for next to Spongebob’s smile.