“Jerusalem” on IndieFeed Performance Poetry Channel

A benefit of blobbing is that one can express here non-nonchalance, ie., chalance.
Chalance: I am so excited to announce that my poem, Jerusalem, was published today on theIndieFeed: Performance Poetry podcast and website! IndieFeed features what they call “the best spoken word artists working in the field today” and I am honored and thrilled to have my work on the same sliver of internet as many of the poets whose work has inspired my own, like Andrea GibsonAnis MojganiBuddy WakefieldTaylor MaliDerrick BrownMahogany L. BrowneSarah KayMarshall Davis Jones and more (worth checking out all of these poets and more in the IndieFeed Archives). Also, really excited that the host of the podcast, Wess Mongo Jolley, picked up brilliantly on the Allen Ginsberg-America weaving of this piece. Anyway, here it is!
IndieFeed: Performance Poetry : Moriel Rothman – Jerusalem
The IndieFeed Performance Poetry Channel
And, for those of you who haven’t seen it, here’s the original video, filmed by the brilliant Aaron Rotenberg: