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(w/eng. trans.) אני מאמין (בשמאלנות) – ספוקן וורד מאת מוריאל רוטמן

לראשונה, ספוקן וורד שלי שהוא כולו בעברית

The poem is called “I Believe (in Leftism).” An anemic, word-play deprived, pun-and-sound-lacking but still worth it (?) English translation is included below the Hebrew:

אני מאמין בשמאלנות

ולאו דווקא במה שנקרא שמאל

ודווקא לא ברוב מה שנקרא שמאל

אם איי רייט?


“Jerusalem II” by Moriel Rothman

“Jerusalem II.” Spoken word from Jerusalem’s worst day, yesterday, Jerusalem Day. The sea of flags made me sadder than I have been in a while: most of the marchers probably had no idea that for the few hours leading up to their procession, Israeli police were busy terrorizing, arresting, hitting and clearing out Palestinians so that the march could go through the Damascus Gate (in Occupied Palestine) without the marchers having to see a single counter-protestor, a single Palestinian flag, a single thing that might dampen their day. They seemed to be having a really nice time. Here’s to better days:

And the original, “Jerusalem,” (2012) for those who missed it:  


Your sidewalks are so soft

They feel like jelly donuts