If I were Prime Minister.

If I were Prime Minister of Israel, I would do my best to negotiate an end to the occupation.

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When it arose, I would embrace the opportunity, challenging as it might be, to try to negotiate with elected representatives of the majority of the Palestinian population.

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Rather than searching for a way to declare war…

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And lying to my public in the meantime.

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After an Israeli policeman recently killed a Palestinian citizen of Israel in the North, I would focus first and foremost on legislation that reassured all citizens of this State that they are equal under the eyes of the law.

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(And if I were the Justice Minister, who had declared time and time again my interest in achieving peace, I would maintain my opposition to such legislative incitement).

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If I were the Leader of the Opposition, I would take every chance I could to critique and lambast Prime Minister’s policies.

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If I were Mayor of Jerusalem, I try to lower tension by forbidding an extremist organization -one that has declared its ethnocentric intentions again and again- to carry out their agenda.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 1.53.24 PM(And if I were Leader of the Opposition, I would not get all chummy with the extremists and claim that their legacy is the legacy of the State).

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Yes, if I were Mayor of Jerusalem, I would articulate a vision for a collective future.

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And if were Public Security Minister, I would call for calm.

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If I were Prime Minister, I would resign and take to the streets, realizing that this system is broken, and that the greatest obstacles to peace and security for all come from within the halls of the Knesset.