“Today you went into East Jerusalem?!?” (An aggressive interview with myself) 

I wrote this last year, but I might as well have written it yesterday.

The Leftern Wall

Are you crazy!?!

According to the IDF I am…

But seriously, you went into East Jerusalem today!?! In the midst of Armageddo- I mean- Intifad– I mean- you know what I mean? 

I did. I walked through east Jerusalem all day.

Weren’t you scared? 

Yeah. I was a little scared before I went.

Was it scary?

It was not scary.

Would it have been scary if you had been speaking Hebrew?

I think it would have been.

Do you know that? 

I do not know that.

Was it tense?

East Jeruslaem is always tense.

But was it tense tense, like infritata-tense? 

Like what?

You know. That-which-must-not-be-named. 


Answer my question. I’m the aggressive interviewer here. 

Well, There were fireworks and other assorted booms over the hill in Silwan.

And that’s all? 

Well, there were heavily armed guards patrolling the perimeters of settlement compounds implanted in the middle of occupied East Jerusalem’s…

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