“Guns and Onions” – for Ahed Tamimi (A short film by Aaron Rotenberg)

“Guns and Onions” — a must-watch short film by Aaron Rotenberg, released on the occasion of Ahed Tamimi’s 17th birthday. Aaron is a super talented filmmaker, a deeply decent soul, and a dear friend with whom I went to my first protest in Nabi Saleh, back in October 2011, the week after Mustafa Tamimi was killed (there is some footage from that day in this film):

About making the film, Aaron writes:

”Today is Ahed Tamimi’s 17th birthday and she is spending it in Israeli jail. She’s already been detained for more than 40 days. Denying Palestinians living under occupation due and fair legal process is already a disaster and arresting minors in the middle of the night, like Ahed, adds another layer of moral failing. I went through some old protest footage I have from time I spent in Nabi Saleh, and put it together to try to understand why this situation in particular is so upsetting for me. It’s mainly a film about me, because it’s simpler to speak about my own experiences. Although Ahed’s case is getting more media attention than most, arresting Palestinian minors is not rare situation in the West Bank.”