Identities of Contradiction

After a year and half of working on this video project, “Identities of Contradiction,” I finished it this past May, right before graduation, with the help of Professor Huda Fakhreddine. I screened it at Middlebury, and so some of you were able to see it. Those who did not asked me to put it online, which turned out to be more complicated than I thought. Long story short, I finally got around to putting it online yesterday, and am really excited to share it with you all.

It is a 25 minute documentary film based on conversations with Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel in Deir al-Assad, Bineh and Majd al-Krum. I learned so much from making it, and I think the views and insights expressed by the people I talked with in the making of this project cast an important light on an incredibly complex- and, in my mind, under-explored- element of the situation here in Israel/Palestine.

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