Justice, Justice. Slide Show, Slide Show. Now, Now. Polite, Polite.

In the court 

with the jesters

there are gestures

for the guards

subdue the angry man

they say

they say

why is he so angry

All tongues cluck

We are discussing


Pretty slides

Campy, even

Ancient history

Moving, even

There is no politics involved here

Here there is no politics

Just the view

If his child was arrested

It must be because

he did wrong

If his house was destroyed

It must have been because

he didn’t have

proper paper permission

If his land was disappeared

It was only part of

Spring cleaning

Services for all

If his existence is being disappeared

It’s not intentional

There is nothing political about this

Nothing personal about this

Nothing at all



[Today, the Jerusalem Municipality “heard” opposition to the Kedem Center planned to be built in the middle of Silwan, in association with Elad and the City of David. It was farcical, comical, tragic, enraging. The Palestinians who there were alternately furious and laughing at what amounted to an absurdist theatre of “justice.” The guards were called because they kept speaking up during the charming presentation of slides from around the world, showing other places in which tourist sites have been built atop ancient ruins, as if the issue at hand here was really the ancient ruins. Not ruining the lives of living people. The Authorities couldn’t understand why the discussion couldn’t be held more civilly. They talked about “values.” What about the values of Kavod HaAdam, of respect for human beings? I shouted out. One more time, a man sternly waggled his finger at me, and you’re out of here].