How These Two Headlines Illustrate the Nonexistence of “Objective” News

I opened my phone this morning, and two had notifications, both about the same event, from Ynet and Haaretz:

IMG_3678In general, it is often possible to glean a newspaper’s narrative or ideology from its titles, but this example was particularly stark. Check it out. My translation is going to be a bit choppy, because I want to keep the word order- which is extremely relevant- as similar to the Hebrew as possible.

Ynet: “A car [belonging to] the Brigade Commander of Binyamin* was pelted with stones; a Palestinian was shot and killed.”

Haaretz: “The Brigade Commander of Binyamin shot to death a Palestinian who threw stones at him.”

In both of these narratives, the Brigade Commander is the central character. In Haaretz’s narrative, the central story is that the Brigade Commander shot a Palestinian to death. In Ynet’s narrative, the Brigade Commander is a victim — the central story is that the Brigade Commander’s car was pelted with stones, the Palestinian man’s death is listed almost as an after thought, and in passive voice “was shot and killed.”

News stories should be read as Op Eds.


*Region which includes a large part of the West Bank