1. All of them flup flupping

it’s a windy, a delicious day

2. If I die in a suicide bombing

please do not remember me

as a Suicide Bombed.

3. Outside of the hall, six or twelve people

yell PalestiNazis! PalestiNazis! [i/la]conically

their voices cracking into a megaphone.

4. flup flup

5. The kids didn’t know what the Green

Red Black and White stood for. Palestinians

or Jewish kids. At first: sadness, but then:

progress? The Prophet, revisited, intones:

Let nation not lift up flag against nation

Let them wave their cloth no more.

5. Four planes fly over, leaving white

trails in the blue sky, tight formation

and then down towards the buildings

I look at my phone, 4-23. Not as crisp

as 9-11. The planes swoop back up.

Someone cheers.

6. I don’t I don’t I

do not.

7. So and but: On the 4th of July

did I notice? The memorial

floutist’s flute does

not work. A grin

in a serious


8. As the second siren goes

off an [presumably] Arab worker

continues banging on a wall.

9. flup flup flup